Introducing the Falcon Optics brand of molded hydrophobic IOL optics.

Falcon Optics presents Falcon 156, a precision molded optic disk made from a copolymer of Phenylethyl acrylate and Phenylethyl methacrylate with a 10% UV cut off of 390mm and a refractive index of 1.56. The same lens material and properties as the leading hydrophobic brand, but with more precise optics and fewer glistenings. Falcon 156 is also a replacement product for Contateq HI56.

To receive samples of Falcon 156, a comprehensive product description and manufacturing instructions, follow these three steps:

  1. Provide Falcon Optics with an email request on your company’s letterhead.
  2. Falcon Optics will email you a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement. Sign and return.
  3. Provide, under NDA, certain business information that will be requested concerning your company’s hydrophobic IOL products.